Top 8 Best Philippine Franchises

Franchise Philippines aims to provide Filipinos on how to start their own franchise business. But, what happens when you don’t know where to start? What franchise should I get? Should I get the help of franchise consultants?

First of all, if you’re starting out, you might want to save most of your money for your franchise fee and other expenses and just do the research as well. This post is about that. We scour the depths of the world just to know what are the 8 most popular Philippine franchise today. Ok, maybe not the whole world… Let’s get started.

8. Water Refill Franchises


The reason why most businesses succeed and others not, is because they focus on the needs of the people. Water, is a basic need. That’s why, water franchises are all over the place and they make money.

Minimum Investment Required: P20,000

Why Is It Profitable: Water is a basic necessity

7. Education & Training Franchises


With millions of graduate students finishing their studies on a quarterly basis and expected to rise even more every year, review centers and educational training schools are a good way to franchise. These franchises never go out of style because you can also target the market such as undergrad students who wants to take vocational courses and preschools for toddlers, which are all profitable when done right. Also to note that there are a lot of people wanting to go to vocational nursing schools and care giving courses. It is a good safe investment.

Minimum Investment Required: 1Million

Why Is It Profitable: Fresh graduates reviewing for licensure exams, vocational courses & preschools.

6. Bakery & Food Store Franchises


Ahh, another necessity. Who doesn’t eat pandesal? Bakery and food store has been with us since our lolo’s and lola. And there’s a reason why there are still there up to now, they are profitable and time and time again, Filipinos just like to eat. Your morning breakfast just wouldn’t be complete without a pandesal or a bread together with a nice cup of coffee.

Minimum Investment Required: P250,000

Why Is It Profitable: Food is a necessity. Pandesal & bread has been a part of Filipino culture.

5. Bar & Cafe Franchises


Bar’s are always been a go getter. If you own a bar, especially a reputable franchise, you can always assume you will get the return of your investment. Now on the other hand, Cafe franchises are good. Filipinos love coffee. Remember the time when Starbucks first opened their shop in the Philippines? It’s a so much hit that even the socialites go starbucks all well dressed just to drink coffee in the late afternoon. Cafes signifies class and your market will be those that can afford to pay more for every cup. Customers plus high buying potential is equals to more profit.

Minimum Investment Required: P250,000

Why Is It Profitable: With popular franchise, return of your investment is almost at 100%

4. Personal Care Franchises


Celebrities took part in the popularity of this franchise industry. Personal care franchise are easy to promote simply because celebrities are already promoting them. If local stars & celebrities are talking about them rampantly, you know that the followers and fans are going to go after that franchise. Also, spas and sauna has become a weekly habit for some people that became a part of their routine.

Minimum Investment Required: P200,000

Why Is It Profitable: Celebrities creating buzz will most likely ease your marketing campaign.

3. Service-Type Franchises


What are these service-type franchises? Car wash franchises, printing shops, and the most popular call centers these are all profitable franchises under this category. We know how many people wants to work in call centers. And call centers are in demand outside the Philippines because of our ability to talk in English clearly. One of the best in Asia. Picture this, Americans paying you, the franchise owner, dollars and you are paying your employees pesos. This is a lucrative franchise indeed.

Minimum Investment Required: P2 Million

Why Is It Profitable: Very lucrative. International and world market possible.

2. Fast Food and Restaurant Franchises


Yet again, we see the proof that Filipinos really love to eat. Who doesn’t know Jollibee, McDonald’s & KFC? Fast food franchises are almost all the time will never fail. Though the return of investment will be somewhat long, the fruit of long term income is certainly obtainable. Jollibee, McDonalds and other fast food franchises maybe a bit too much for people that are starting up, there are other choices as well. Small fast food franchises are out there and you can still earn from them.

Minimum Investment Required: P150,000

Why Is It Profitable: Filipinos love to eat!

1. Food Cart & Kiosk Franchises


When you’re talking about necessity, food cart has it, we are talking about food right? When you’re talking about accessibility, food carts, they are everywhere! Standing and waiting at a small corner of the street or a mall waiting for you to buy a piece of something to eat. When you’re talking about price, food carts can cost at around 20,000. A very small investment. There’s nothing bad to tell about this type of franchise and highly recommended for people who are starting up and even those who already have the money. Be careful though where you buy your franchise and make sure that you’re getting them from reliable companies.

Minimum Investment Required: P20,000

Why Is It Profitable: Filipinos love to eat. Small investment needed. Accessible to anyone.

Closing Remarks

All minimum investment required are just an estimate and of course, this vary from one franchise company to another. You can discuss about this article on our franchise forum. And if you’re still not decided, you can browse our franchise directory.

We hope we have helped you decide on which franchise business to go for. We at franchise Philippines only wants to help fellow Filipinos in this industry. We are not in any way associated with any franchise companies. We are only doing this as a sign of giving back for our fellow Filipinos. So go do some business now!

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  • http://franchise Joel

    do you have sub-franchise for dunkin & mister donut? only a small booth that can be place in a market or public places.

  • pye

    i want to start a small business like franchising a food cart business. how can i franchise? whose person do i have to deal to?

  • JIp

    You can contact the franchise owners on our franchise directory.

  • glenda

    hi, i jst wnt to knw hw mch s the franchise of foodcart businss like dunkin donuts or a waffle.thnks & god bless

  • JIp

    please search the directory

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  • len

    Hi! I am very interested in expanding our business to other entrepreneurs. Can you please tell me how to open my own franchise? I have a mexican food stand.

  • Alex

    Len, you may want the advice of a consultancy company about that.


    interesado po sana ako sa KIOSK franchise,pede po ba malaman ang details,requirements,capital needed etc.paki email naman po ako sa
    +966505399265 OFW po ako kong pede ay makauspa ko po din kayo in person business na ito.

  • JIp


    Please visit our directory

    There are a LOT OF FRANCHISES TO CHOOSE FROM. You can contact them immediately from the site about the details.


  • Hasmin Carty

    Im interested to franchise jollibee will pls. send me the full details.

  • http://foodcart(kioskfranchise) dorry

    good day,i am interested to own a small business like kiosk or minute burger.can i ask a favor how to own about it and whom shall i talk to get the details?thank you and i am hoping to hear your soonest reply……god bless!

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  • Loreto S. Reyes Jr.

    I need atleast three (3) food cart which I need to place inside SM mall @Carmen, Pangasinan. This mall is a newly erected building and still under construction although the main center has already been become accessible to shoppers and comsumers.
    – how much would be the price for one food cart, as I need to have a discount since I will be franchising three.
    – is the cart already filled witht he food required for selling in the mall?
    – does it need to supply goods everyday by the supplier (owner of the franchising dept)?
    – is the whole amount of the franchise, food included? for one day only, or needs to buy the required food for the nxt day?
    – do I have to get permit from the mall authorities or the franchise owner will do it?
    – in case, how much is the stall fee in the mall? is their any contract to be signed between mall owner and cart owner?

    PLease reply to the email provided. Thank you and best regards

  • marjorie g. beltran

    I am interested to start a small business in the Philippines.
    I am going home as soon as possible to challenge my goal.I believe Franchise is agood idea…Can anyone guide me in this matter. Thanks..

  • rhoel

    hi, im interested in a foodcart business franchise. what do i need to do? do i need to secure a space in a mall first for example or…need ur guidance pls. i plan to do it in my province bohol. thanks a lot.

  • jeppie orbeta

    i would love to strat a franchise but how do i get started
    i would like to start a cafe and bar

  • Aniceta palaganas

    im ofw who just recently resigned from my interested to have my own small business to start of.Can u please advise me what kind of business do i need to start.I really dont have any idea what kind of business do i have to interested in food business.I would appreciate ur help. Thanks a lot.

  • Romy Santos

    I am an OFW and interested to have a Water Refill Business. Can you tell me more of this business… the materials needed, etc…

    Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Luther Risma

    Can you help me how can I get a franchise here in US, specific in Cincinnati, Ohio. (45239)
    Dimsum has been my favorite fastfood when I was in Cebu.
    I remember the old sites somewhere at Robinson’s, fuente Osmena and Rustan’s area. My guests from Manila before said they never had Dimsum.
    I am so proud of Dimsum Cebu and I would love to introduce it here in my small suburb in Cincinnati. Mostly we have China chef around closeby. But Dimsum just a different ambiance and taste. Can anybody help me out please?

  • zian andrei rodriguez

    hi..zian andrei from province of cavite and recently working here nw in south korea..ive been staying here for almost for years and now planning to go back in our beloved contry phil..i want to try this franchising business but im afraid how will i start?can u send me some tips on how this small business getting started?by the way,,im interested in kiosk franchise..pls help me start with it….

  • JIp

    You can choose any food franchise here :
    You can ask the owners about the requirements and costs.

  • Ronald M.

    interesado po ako sa water refilling station, pwede po ba maka hingi ng info kung magkanu ang capital para maka pag umpisa ng ganitong business?
    maraming salamat at asahan ko ang inyong sagot.

  • Irene Bryant

    hi po..gusto ko po sanang malaman kung magkano lahat ang kailangan para sa water refilling station na franchising…interested po kc ako masyado since i want to have my own business…maybe this could be a nice start…
    pls send me a reply about all the information that i need……thanks po tlaga

  • Jogie Paraiso

    I want to start a business, a foodcart/kiosk business in which i can place in a shopping mall in Cabanatuan City. Pls help me, my email add (

  • reuel michael dionisio

    ano po ba ang magandang business sa gawing bulacan
    or around manila at magkano ang kapital.interesado ako sa mga hardware or food business.

  • gizelle

    helo.. may i know how to start franchising a business? i mean, my parents are interested in starting a franchise business in our hometown..

  • elena

    i want to frunchise a food crt or stall of mister much it will cost

  • Dennis

    gusto kong mag business ng digital printing, san ako pwede magfranchise at a very affordable franchise cost, please give advised here is my contact #: 4366366

  • Dhey

    good day..i would like to nquire how much the cost of PAOTSIN as franchise.and i want to locate that inside SM…because i am very nterested for doing that business..please send me a reply for all information regarding that..Thank’s a lot..DHEY from UAE

  • Noemi

    I am interested to franchise mister donut. How and how much?

  • Ronald

    Hi. I am thinking to franchise a pizza hut kiosk on lrts or mrts. how much will it costs me? thanks!

  • Lonelle

    i need someone who is business minded person that is willing to be my business partner. Im planning to put up 24hrs convenient store. just mail me at

  • mrs. mars

    i am interested sa fastfood like kfc,mcdo n so on,how much is it?and is the price mentioned above,is taht clean na?aside from getting crew and manager,or what?so basically if there will be crew in there,what am i really?just a person that financed the fastfood?
    is there any training to handle this kind of bussinesses or what?any help here,thanks

  • Miss Maryland

    I am interested in a franchise for a food cart. How much and how do we go about it? Please email me to my email address: Thank you.

  • Mar Stephen Sembrano

    im interested with paotsin food business… can anyone tell me how much is the the franchise for paotsin… thanx..

  • amy q.


  • Leyon

    I want to engage in a foodcart business, I need someone who can enlighten me regarding the mechanics of franchising.
    Please.. I need your help.

    Many Thanks,

  • riza chua

    hi..just want ti ask kung pano makapag franchise ng snowpy ice cream?sa tingin ko ok sya kasi affordable lalo na sa mga bata.pls provide info sa email add ko.tnx and god bless

  • merlie castor

    iwant to have a small business like ministop store how much is the initial capital
    pls provide info sa email add ko nx ang god bless

  • jennie

    I want to start a franchise business soon at the new mall near ABS CBN but have a limited budget can you help me with this?

  • goldie

    hi, i want to start a small you have any suggestion??

    pls. help..tnx a lot


    i would like to start a digital printing biznes in Cebu, partilcularly in Mediline or Bogo, can u please tell me how much is capital and whom can i contact.. thanks you and more power

  • jack

    im interested to franchise printing and food cart can u pls give me all the info to my email.

  • Ma Ivy D Barba

    good day..i would like to nquire how much the cost of PAOTSIN as franchise.and i want to locate that inside SM…because i am very nterested for doing that business..please send me a reply for all information regarding that..Thank’s a lot..IVY

  • grace

    hi ,iam interested to franchise bakery pls. let me know how much the cost , and pls. give send me the details , hw to start .thank you.

  • Annalou M. Abucay

    hi. i am also interested to franchise a water refilling which i can place in davao city this kind of business?how much over all capital cost? pls. help me of this matter. thank you

  • victoria salao

    hi ask ko lang po if how much ang franchise nang pizza hut pls. give me the full details pls.

  • mrs. calinawan

    i am intersted of a travel agency, can you advice me of what is the first thing to do, ang i want cebu pacific ticketing office.. thamk you and more power…