Top 5 Reasons Why Filipinos DONT Go Into Franchise Business

Business is a risky but satisfying adventure. Not many people can handle the stress, the skills and the knowledge they need to have a successful business. That’s why there are franchise opportunities in the Philippines that can teach you all of those skills. Because franchise are businesses that already doing well. They franchise and sell the business model to earn more and still help other people to start their own business franchise.

Top 5 Excuses

1) Money – “Mag-iipon muna ako. Kulang ang pera ko.”

2) Time – “Madami pa akong inaasikaso.”

3) Skills – “Hindi ako marunong mag-business, baka malugi lang ako.”

4) Opportunity – “Hindi para sa akin yan.”

5) Personal Network/Connection – “Wala akong kilala masyado.”

Do you want to…

> Start a business with little or no capital?

> Manage your time effectively?.

> Learn business and negotiation skills?

> Find income opportunities everywhere?

> Get along with everyone you meet?

 A franchise business can develop you this skills in the long run. We are currently sorting out all the materials you need to get started in franchise in the Philippines. If you are interested, we will send you a copy once it is out. You just have to enter your name and email on this page.