Gas Station Franchise

Gas Station Franchise is one of the most highly searched option for franchising in the Philippines. It is also one of the necessity that we need in order to continue living our daily lives. Without gas, we can not cook our food nor drive our cars. Which makes the market for gas station franchise a hit for Filipinos.

An example of gas station franchise is 1st Auto Gas Franchise. If you are interested in their franchise, please have a look below with their details.

Auto LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a generic name for mixtures of hydrocarbons (mainly propane and butane) which exists as vapor under ambient conditions and can be changed into liquid state by applying moderate pressures.

Auto – LP Gas used as a transport fuel- is by far the most widely used and accepted alternative automotive fuel in use in the world today.

Why use LPG as FUEL?

  • *Clean. LPG is very clean burning and has lower greenhouse gas emissions than any other fossil fuel when measured on a total fuel cycle.
  • Efficient. LPG gas is cost-effective, since a high portion of its energy content is converted into heat. It can be up to five times more efficient than traditional fuels, resulting in less energy wastage and better use of our planet’s resources.
  • Safe. LPG gas compared to other fuels has an excellent safety record worldwide when handled properly and is non-toxic.
  • Practicality. LPG Auto gas has a higher octane rating than gasoline which reduces engine wear and maintenance requirements.

Auto LPG benefits from fiscal benefits in many countries which makes it the cheapest fuel per liter at the pump. Auto gas vehicles are very economical to run; Conversion and maintenance of an Autogas vehicle is low cost.

We promote LPG as an alternative fuel and offer competitively-priced petroleum products and services:

  • a. by establishing profitable multi-fuel stations at safe and convenient locations
  • b. serviced by properly trained, highly motivated and well-compensated employees.

We make every effort to deliver, on time and within our business policies and guidelines the commitments that we make to each other and to each customer. We are here to stay accountable in good and bad times.

Franchise Packages

Package 1: Basic LPG Refuelling Station

  • Simple pump and tank canopy installation

Package 2: Basic Multi-Fuel Station

  • Combination of LPG and Diesel products

Package 3: Bundling Option

  • Stations bundled with allied retail businesses like the famous Goodah Restaurant, Gal’s Bakeshop and Crystal Clear.
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    I am interested to learn more about the Auto LPG or Liquified Petroleum Gas Station Franchise. I first came across this idea when I visited the different Ports in the countries of Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China Mainland, Malaysia, Indonesia. I have seen their trucks fitted with multiple LPG tanks minus the diesel fuel tank. American Truck operators are also using this LPG Fuel Technology. If this works well in all these countries, why not in the Philippines. I am glad to learn that there is now an Auto LPG Franchising, there are few of them already. LPG worked well with some taxi cabs and small trucks. It should work well for big trucks, too.

    I am now calling the Auto LPG Franchisors in the Philippines to contact me and discuss good business ideas. I guarantee you the market is big and there is so much for you and me to explore about. I am an inland freight transport operator based in Manila and Cebu. I also operate a Dealer Own Retail Gas Station in the province as a support service to our service lane and planning to have one in Manila.

    You can reached through these contacts :

    CP No. : 0917 8581776
    Email :

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