Pinoy Idol Franchise

Pinoy Idol is also a franchise. A franchise show purchased by GMA network. Though it may lack the originality to air a more unique show in the Philippines, it is still, great to know that a lot of wonderful talents are discovered through these shows.

Pinoy Idol is currently having an audition on every parts of the country. Pinoy Idol judges spread all over the archipelago from Luzon, Vizayas, Mindanao and NCR. Pinoy Idol proves to be a big success due to a large number of people taking the audition.

A quote from Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines — During the first round of auditions for GMA 7’s “Pinoy Idol” in Cagayan de Oro last week, Jolina Magdangal cried, Ogie Alcasid picked up a slew of lessons, and Wyngard Tracy realized that he would soon become the most hated man in the country.

Jolina, Ogie and Wyngard are the judges in the local version of the world-famous reality talent search from FremantleMedia.

In an exclusive interview, Wilma Galvante, GMA 7 senior VP for Entertainment TV, pointed out that the judges’ “two-pronged” role was very important: “They tell the contestant whether they’re good or not, and they influence the viewers’ vote.”


For this reason, Fremantle had put a premium on credibility in choosing the three jurors from a list presented by the Kapuso network.

Another crucial consideration was whether prospective judges were willing to devote the next eight months to “Idol,” which premieres in April and wraps up in August.

“I wanted [singer] Regine Velasquez to be a judge, but she’s doing a series of concerts in the US,” Galvante said. “Jolina gave up an afternoon soap.”

The final Idol trio is a motley crew, Galvante pointed out.

“As an artist and record promoter, Wyngard represents the business side of the industry,” Galvante explained. “As singer-songwriter-producer, Ogie recognizes talent.”

Galvante predicted that Magdangal, as the “voice of youth,” would be a revelation. “She’s spunky. [And] kids look up to her. Hopefully, they will listen if she says singing is not for them.”


Tracy agreed with Galvante: “I still regarded her as the teenybopper from ‘Ang TV,’ but she surprised me in Cagayan de Oro.”

Magdangal herself said that she made sure she’d speak her mind, that she would not to be swayed by her fellow jurors. “I shouldn’t feel intimidated, though Wyngard and Ogie are more experienced than I am.”

Alcasid has his own fearless forecast: “Wyngard will steal the show.”

“That’s because he’s very straightforward,” Galvante said.

“I try my best to be tactful,” Tracy admitted, “but that’s not me.”

If Tracy is being cast as the local version of Simon “Mr. Nasty” Cowell and Magdangal as perky cheerleader Paula Abdul, Alcasid acknowledged that he could very well end up as Dog Pound King Randy Jackson.

“But the Fremantle consultants urged us not to portray any role… and just be ourselves,” Alcasid said.

“I don’t want to imitate anyone,” Magdangal concurred.

According to Galvante, Fremantle consultant Bob Cousins sat down with the trio, along with host Raymond Gutierrez, prior to the Cagayan de Oro auditions, to expound on the “Idol” production bible.

“I’ve always been brutally honest,” Tracy stated. “If I express an opinion, I stand by it no matter what.”

“It’s not an easy job. After the 60th time I said no [to a contestant], I felt drained,” Alcasid admitted.

“We saw about a hundred aspirants in Cagayan de Oro,” Tracy recounted. “On the first day, we started at 1 p.m. and ended at 1 a.m.”

“But it’s a great learning experience,” Alcasid said. “I’m here [as judge] not just because I’m an expert … I’m also here to learn from my fellow judges and from the contestants as well.”

Tearful scene

Magdangal was reduced to tears in Cagayan de Oro.

“A girl came in with her mom, who was walking with a cane,” Magdangal recalled. “I suddenly remembered my own audition for [Ryan Cayabyab’s youth group] 14K when I was 11. I went through the same thing. I also started from scratch.”

Next stop for the “Idol” team is Batangas this week; Iloilo, next week; and then Cebu, Davao, Metro Manila, Dagupan, Clark, and Naga in succeeding weeks.

So why are we talking about Pinoy Idol in Franchise Philippines? Because Pinoy Idol is a franchise show. You can see the potential and popularity of franchises and the number of dedicated followers of a franchise brand.

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    hello im john noel cleary from ireland,i was wondering,whenever you have a show again from pinaoy idol,if its possible to perform a song,id love to perform a song on a show,id love to dedicate this song to my wonderfull filipina wife,who is living in iloilo city!
    id choose between 2 songs either from akon: sorry,blame it on me or id choose from backstreert boys: as long as you love me. with irish greetings…john noel cleary

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    How to enter into francise with Pinoy Idol? Give details please.