Chowking Franchise in the Philippines

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Chowking is a Philippine-based Chinese cuisine fast-food restaurant chain, predominantly selling noodle soups, dimsum and rice toppings. It was founded in 1985 by Robert Kuan as a Chinese counterpart to American fast-food giant McDonald’s, Chowking expanded steadily through the 1980s and 1990s, and eventually venturing into international markets, such as the United States, Middle East and newly Indonesia. The chain was bought by Jollibee Foods Corporation in 2000[1], who have since continued both local and international expansion.

Chowking Philippines Franchise

Chowking Franchise Good Points

Chowking pioneered the quick-service Oriental restaurant concept in the Philippines which combines the best of Western fast-food service and the delicious taste of Chinese food in Oriental restaurants

2005 Most Outstanding Meat Processing Plant in Metro Manila
-National Meat Inspection Service

This unique dining experiene has captured the hearts of millions of customers in Chowking’s more than 300 stores in the Philippines, and more than 20 others in the United States, the Middle East, and Indonesia

Things to Know About Chowking Franchise

What are the bases for the approval of a franchise application for Chowking franchise?

Major considerations are the viability of the proposed site and the personal qualifications of the applicant.

What are the qualifications required of an applicant?

An applicant must possess good moral character, keen entrepreneurial business sense, financial capability to invest in the business and the ability to inspire leadership.

How much is the required investment for Chowking Franchise?

For a leased site, it ranges from P9M to P12M, depending on the size of the store. The investment covers kitchen facilities, construction and finishes, furniture and fixtures, signages and others. It also includes the P1M franchise fee.

What is the expected ROI of Chowking Franchise?

Depending on the sales and cost performance of the store, the investment payback ranges from 3-4 years.
A detailed financial feasibility study is discussed with the potential franchisee during the evaluation phase.

Does Chowking provide financing?

Chowking does not provide financing.

What is the size of a typical store?

An ideal site should have an area ranging from 250 to 300 sq.m.

Does Chowking provide sites?

It is the applicant who should look for a site.
Chowking will do the feasibility study and approve or reject the proposed site.

Does Chowking provide the store personnel required?

Chowking does not directly hire employees for the franchisee. However, Chowking assists in the recruitment and training of managers and provides HR management guidelines.

Can a corporation apply for a Chowking franchise?

The franchise is awarded to individuals only, although the franchisee can form a corporation where he/she is majority owner.

How long after Chowking franchise approval can the store open?

About two to four months after the site turnover.

What is the duration of Chowking franchise?

The Chowking franchise contract is for ten years, renewable for another term, provided certain provisions in the contract are met.

What are the requirements for application?

Letter of Intent, location map of the site, and a duly-accomplished application form.