Printing Franchise

It is just recently that we have seen the profitability of printing franchise in the Philippines. With the release of new cellphone models having cameras, low cost digital cameras, picture printing and the need for more printing are just overwhelming that owners of printing businesses are taking on a lot of profits. Here is a clip on gonegosyo about the printing business.

Printing Franchise Profits

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If you would like to know more about printing franchise, we recommend contacting one of these franchise companies. To give you an idea of what’s the package of this printing franchise is about, we will list here one of those printing franchise called Ink & Prints Franchise.

Inks & Print Printing Franchise

Ink & Prints started its operations on February 1, 2006 at the 1st Floor of Lotus Mall, Imus, Cavite. It started as an ink refilling station then eventually, ventured to the digital printing business. It was formerly known as Ink Queen Refilling Station then, until after a year, the management decided to change its name to INK & PRINTS. To date, we have 8 branches in total (5 in Cavite area and 3 in Manila area).

Ink & Prints services include ink and toner refilling and sales, digital photo printing, invitation and tarpouline printing, and other computer related services. We also have two shops operating 24/7 located at Dasmarinas and Nueno Avenue named INK & PRINTS + GAMING CENTER. From the name itself, we also cater internet and gaming services – which includes internet gaming and other gaming consoles like X-Box, PS2 and Nintendo Wii. In these shops, we are open on Mondays thru Sundays. These shops are known for it’s the very first refilling, printing and computer rental shop in the Philippines to operate in 24 hours and for its P7.50 per hour computer rental.

Ink & Prints opened its doors to franchising last March 2008 and had its first franchisee on April 12, 2008. Our first franchisee is located at 2nd Floor, Victory Mall, Monumento, Caloocan City.

Franchise Information

Ink and Prints is pleased to announce that Ink & Prints is now open for FRANCHISING. THE BUSINESS STUDY is detailed on the menu at the side.

Ink and Prints Franchise offers the best value for your money. The amount of investment is almost equal to computers and supplies that will be given to. If you read thru the business study just by the supplies of ink you will earn as much as 1600% from your investment. Just on the second month, If you have picked the correct location and manpower, we guarantee that you have already gained your investment.

Ink and Prints will also train you on how to run your business. The training that will be given to you is very fool proof. Ink and Prints also gives you the best support. We live by the code of service excellence.