Franchise of Showbiz Personality in the Philippines

The show business industry in the Philippines is one of the most powerful influential force in the country. People buy things if promoted by an actor/actress. When these actors and actresses plunge in the world of business. Do they have what it takes to make a successful franchise in the Philippines?

We know how much effect does the industry have on the people. How about the business minded people? Let’s look at some of the franchises in Philippines:

Here are some of the franchises that I got on my head right now. I’ll update this list later.

  • Arneli’s Pizza – Pizza franchise of Arnel Ignacio
  • Ogie Doggie – Hotdog Franchise of Ogie Alcasid

When You Are Not A Showbiz Personality

There are some franchises that are so successful just by associating their business name with a showbiz personality. Have you heard of Reyes Haircutters franchise? Reyes Haircutters is NOT owned by Ricky Reyes but you can see its popularity and you can hear bells when you speak of the word. Customers who don’t know the franchise will associate the quality and service of Ricky Reyes with it, no doubt, all the time. So one thing to keep in mind is to associate your franchise to the power of Showbiz industry.

Things to Watch Out For

As we have said about the Reyes Haircutters franchise, it is illegal to register your business name with a tv personality (ex. Ricky Reyes Haircutters). Reyes Haircutters was approved because the owner is a Reyes (Reyes is his surname). It is legal.