Car Wash Franchise

Owning ones’ own business is a dream of many individuals. The problem can be deciding which type of business to start up. Many people are fearful of starting their own business because they fear of never making a profit. Starting a franchise in the Philippines can reduce much of this risk. The advantages are that the business is based on a proven idea and your business will have a recognized brand name. Because of the advantages, a franchise fee must be paid to start.

One of the big things to consider when starting a car wash franchise is the location. First of all, you need to consider what city you will operate your car wash business in. Cities where it is warm year round may offer the best opportunities. People tend to wash their cars most when it is sunny. Once you decide on the specific city, you need to find a more specific location. A residential location may have its advantages. With a car wash business close to peoples homes, people will not have to drive very far to use the car wash services. However, a commercial location will also have its advantages. If the car wash is located in a commercial area, people may stop by the car wash on their way to work or on their way home from work.

It is very important that once you begin your car wash franchise that you advertise. In the city you start your car wash in, there is likely to be several other car washes. It will be important that you show why your car wash is different and better than other car washes. Word of mouth may be the best mode of advertising; however, do not overlook flyers, local newspapers, phone books, and internet ads.

Remember that with a franchise, in addition to paying the fee you will also pay out part of the car washes gross revenue to the franchisor each month. These are the costs of receiving the car wash brand name. However, being part of the franchise will give additional advertising and marketing opportunities that may not be available to non-franchised car washes. Now is the time to see if a car wash franchise is for you.

Here is a short list of car wash franchise in the Philippines:

E-StarCars Mobile Car Wash Franchise

estarcars-car-wash-franchise.gif In our constant expansion, we are searching for new partners. Beyond our innovative carwashing product, we offer to our partners a complete mobile car washing concept. Be a E-StarCars concessionaire is very easy. Business very simple to implement. Very easy and clean carwashing work. Very simple to add to your existing activity with our innovative mobile waterless carwash solution.

* No equipments and installation fees
* No need to supply water or power
* High profit with our high productivity
* Very professional carwash quality to service your customers

Our concept is built on partnership not a franchise.

* No franchise fee
* No royalty fee
* No hidden cost
* Minimum investment
* No installation expenses

Examples of potential sites:

* all parkings (malls, fastfood/restaurants, coffee shops, condominiums), gasoline stations, intense car traffic roads or streets, etc,

Nice Day! Car Wash Franchise

niceday-car-wash-franchise.gifNice Day! Car Wash Franchise is the country’s first unique carwash service and facilities system that has been able to dominate a major metropolis in the country. The secret of the continued success of Nice Day! Carwash lies in the system of training washers and carwash supervisors. Its management team is driven by the company’s objective of professionalizing the car wash industry through continuous training.

The first Nice Day! Car Wash Franchise outlet was established in 2002 in Mandaue City, Cebu. With over five years of continued growth, it has become a professionally managed carwash chain offering reasonably priced service packages to satisfy even the most discriminating car buffs. It has grown to be the biggest carwash chain in the Philippines with 12 branches and growing.

Owned and operated by Have A Nice Day Corporation. Nice Day! Car Wash now poised for nationwide expansion with new company-owned and franchised outlets to be opened across the country.

Franchise Information

How much capital does a NICE DAY! CAR WASH franchisee need to open an outlet?
The initial working capital needed can range from P400,000 to P700,000 depending on the several factors such size of outlet, extent of construction/renovation needed, etc. This amount also includes the franchise fee, training, equipment and initial supplies.

In terms of franchise costs, what are the components?
There are two items in the franchise as outlined in the contract:

1. The current Franchise Fee of P130,000 is the initial investment necessary to enter the business, which gives you the right to use the NICE DAY! CARWASH brand and system. It is a one-time cost and it is not refundable.
2. A fixed monthly royalty of P4,000 paid on a monthly basis.

What is the contract duration? How do I renew the contract?
The car wash franchise duration is 5 (five) years and can be renewed by paying 30% of the original franchisee fee. The renewal is awarded provided that the franchisee has no pending obligation with NICE DAY! CARWASH.