Food Cart Business In The Philippines

Food Cart Business In The PhilippinesA food cart business or franchise in the Philippines is a business wherein you have a cart that sells street foods to the masses. This is very popular and very lucrative since Filipinos love street foods. Not to mention the fact that the masses would most likely buy food from the streets than from the restaurants where they can just eat the food anywhere as their mirienda. Filipinos are known for this kind of food habit.

This is one of the many franchises that we will release soon on the franchise business guide. The guide will help people with zero knowledge in starting up in this business. It is really cool and helpful for people wanting to start their own business.

A lot of people started from just 1 food cart. They sold their own street foods and when they got the money. They bought another food cart and hired another person to sell. They will only get a portion of the income that will give the owner recurring money earned by the vendor. Not to mention that the original owner will have more income possibilities as he increase the number of foodcart that he release and hire more people to sell. That is why we see a lot of food cart in the Philippines. Though they sell P1 street foods. The real owner of that food cart is earning lots and lots of money summed up from all the food cart he owns. Just like in any business, its a numbers game.

  • venus q. bauzon

    i would like to have a copy of the different food cart businesses

  • gloria songcuan

    im really interested in food cart business but i dont have that big capital to start a business me to start.we are near a public school elementary & highschool schools.I want to stay with my family for good Im a nurse working now in ksa.thamks godbless!


    as an ofw i would like to give my wife a business in the philippines..thats why i would like to learn more about franchising in the philippines..what site can i go?

  • jenny saren

    hi i just want to put up a small business with small capital so can you give me some suggestions regarding foodcart business…thanks

  • EVE

    hi! i am a wife of an OFW, i want to have a small bus. here to have an aditional income.Can you give me some suggestion about foodcart bus… thanks…

  • irish

    pls furnish me some infos on how to start a foodcart business and some of the choices to choose from

  • donna

    please help me find a franchise business relative to food that doesn’t cost that much or if you can provide a list of them where I can choose from that would be a great help.


  • JIp


    Food cart franchises are available here.


  • donna


  • Marietes

    I am interested in starting up a food cart business in the philippines but i dont know how. I hope you can help me by sending me some info’s and list of selection i can choose with.

    Many thanks

  • evelyn h. whigan

    hi i’m eve whigan a housewife with 2kids.i would like to know what’s in and new a foodcart biznis today

  • JIp

    What do you want to eat on the streets? If you like it, many people will too. That’s how I decide on what food cart franchise I go with. And it makes you happy marketing it also because you believe in the product.

    Or we can discuss it on the forums.

    Good luck!

  • jason

    can i know how much franchise of jolibee

  • del reyes

    i also like to start business but dont know how to start it up. can u help me? thnx

  • JIp

    Hi, visit our franchise forum so we can discuss it with other members! Post your questions there. There are people that will help you.

  • jenny

    i want to know the history of food cart business.

  • Gilbert dela Pena

    Please send me some brochures and prices of how much to start a food cart business. If you could also send me of how much they sell their product in the market. Thank you

  • Josephine A. Cocnepcion

    Hi! I am interested o food cart business. Can you send me a list of the food cart bsuinesses in the Philippines and how I cvan contact them? Thanks!

  • JIp

    Please visit our franchise directory. You can contact them immediately

  • roan marie pagulayan

    I would like to have a copy of the different food cart business.thank you so much and God bless

  • cristy

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  • Arh

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  • gabriel b. sison jr. city rosales is now open and i’m interested in a fud cart business.can you please help me?tnx and more power

  • julieta


    im from bohol and im interested to start food cart business .can u pls. help me and send me some info and list were to contact them….or website…

  • evelyn dy

    i would like to ask where can i inquire for a milo kiosk franchise. i saw one in robinsons place ermita….

  • amy


    I am an ofw who wants to stay for good in our country and looking for a small business hopping you can help me and give me some info regarding this ,

    thank you

  • kc

    hi. im planning to put up a food cart business. can you give me a list of different food cart franchises and the best place to put it up in quezon city. thanks. god bless.


    i am interested for the food cart franchise how much is the franchise?

  • JIp

    Hi Manny,

    Food cart franchises can be found on our directory

  • doland

    please help me how to get a franchise in low price 20k only, im biggener only

  • JIp

    Hi Doland,

    have you checked the directory?

  • More Bites Pizza

    I am now open for franchising. Please email me if your interested. tnx

  • http://03111975 robert valiente

    good day!i’m robert from saudi arabia,i’m really interested to make some food cart business when i go back there in the philippines! can you give me more idea regarding food cart business.

  • http://03111975 robert valiente

    i just want to know also how much the price of one foodcart unit,and also francise how much it!([email protected])

  • gido

    Food cart business ok siya lalo sa mga sloth person like me, especially if you are the one who will manage the business personally. Unang una hindi hassle compare kung nangangamuhan ka, ikaw ang boss, ikaw ang magpapalakad ng puhunan at kita mo kumita man ng konti konting tiis lang makakaahon ka. Sipag at tiyaga is the keyword ladies and gentlemen, but in my case, well mas masarap pa rin matulog at kumain maghapon na walang iniintindi. Hayaan niyo na ko mamamatay din ako sa katamaran hehehehe.

  • rocyl

    please send me a full detail regarding in franchising the product (beef hotdos)..thanks…

  • Ren

    could you email me some categories 4 the food carts?
    and there prices or how much is ur starting franchise

  • jhen

    Hi, i am interested about franchising business. Honestly i don’t have any experience handling that matter, can you send me some details about food cart, how much it will cost and about the hands-on operation of the business. It will be much appreciate if you can give me a list of possible business which i can start with in much less effort and low capital. Thanks. here’s my email add (“[email protected]”)

  • josie minon

    I’m interested in a food cart business that I can open infront of my house? is that possible? how much do I need to save to start one? what are the requirements? what can you recommend?
    Thank you in advance.


    plss help me to find a small business,

  • Vangie

    Hi, Im very much interested into foodcart business can you send me listings & contacts of the different foodcarts ranging from 10K to 20K budget? Pls. send to my email add: [email protected]


  • Marlon

    Hi! I am interested in a foodcart business can you give me a list of differents foodcarts business. please send in my email.
    thank you and have a good day….

  • rmrl

    hi! kindly advise the suitable franchise for a church location, there’s also private school exactly on that area, elementary and high school students. budget is only 70 to 100K.

  • ederly

    like to start small food cart business but dont know how to start it up. can u help me? thnx

  • Jacque

    I want to put up a small business but idont know what kind of business and where and how to start?

    Hope you can help me out to brightn my mind about it..


  • riza

    hello, im interested in a food cart business i would like to know how much money do i need to have to be able to have a food cart business, including the materials and the foods that ill be needing to start up the business. Is 20k enough for all of that? thank you…

  • Amberg

    I want to put up a small business but idont know what kind of business and where and how to start?

    Hope you can help me out to brightn my mind about it..


  • jon

    hi im an ofw in ksa, i want to start a business in albay please give sites to explore to further my studies in starting a food cart business in albay. thanks.

  • michael

    im interested in a food cart business at the mall.i would liketo ask if there are some business for a balls,for example squidball atbp..
    Thnx..quick response,thank you and have a good day…

  • yolanda bernardo

    How much is the capital I would need to start up a food cart business? Would that include seminars & trainings to start up the business?