Franchise Condition in the Philippines

Last night we have been talking about how the management of Jollibee in the Philippines affect the kind of people that they hire. Some people that dropped out of college found employment in fast food chains such as Mc Donald’s and Jollibee. And some, ill mannered as it may seem, doesn’t seem to belong in a happy environment that both franchises project. We have also seen some scandalous videos of Jollibee crew as it has been uploaded and seen by millions on youtube.

To get the long story short. If you’re going to get a franchise for yourself, pay close attention to your crew, to the people you hire and train. As these people will lead your business to success or destruction.

The Philippines today is on a low market. But lots of opportunities are coming out good or bad.Its just a matter of what franchise to take and what will last after each market era has subsided.

Like for example, a franchise business about super cheap products  (think wallmart) will most likely be popular and luxury franchises might be popular on the high market. Food franchises on the other hand are goo no matter what the market is, as its a natural commodity.

There is no good or bad market for a great entrepreneur. It’s just using your imagination. There are lots of money to make no matter where you are. Franchise business or your own business model. Whatever you’re comfortable with.