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The investment costs of a professional franchise business vary considerably. Once you have taken your personal inventory, the second step in the franchise business selection process is to KNOW YOUR FINANCIAL COMMITMENTS. Low cost investment franchises typically can be paid for through ones personal assets. On the other hand, high cost investment franchises may require an individual to seek additional financing.

Many banks lend money to entrepreneurs starting a new business. Many banks even have business start up kits, which includes information about starting a business, financial forms, and personal financial evaluation reports. All of this information will be required by the lending institute. Banks are getting smarter, and becoming more cautious then in the past, plan on having your financial information readily available for the bank to review. Banks need to be convinced that the loan is going to be paid back. Be prepared!

Another part of the loan process is having a business plan. Most franchise companies will supply you with this information; if not, the company may not be worth your time. Business plans usually include market research of other like franchises, operating expenses, and profits/loss statements. If you’re planning on investing in a high investment franchise business, make sure they will go to bat for you when seeking out financial institutes.

If you would rather purchase a low cost investment franchise and work from home, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional high-priced franchise business. You could purchase a low cost investment franchise and be just as profitable as any high cost investment franchise. Some low cost investment franchises include, home based businesses, ATM kiosks, vending machines, video rentals, etc. Even though these businesses are considered home based, most are not run totally from home. The majority of your time may be spent on the road, filling machines and/or collecting your money.

Your financial situation may dictate the type of franchise business you will finally invest in, but if you want to work from home find a low cost franchise business that will deliver what it offers. If you would rather have a traditional franchise business, be aware that your return on investment may take longer than expected. With the right low cost investment franchise business, your ROI may be shorter than expected.

  • jocelyn s. ramos

    i need to find franchising biz on bubble gum vending machine where i can franchise. i am from malaybalay, bukidnon