Franchising in the Philippines Trends

Originally people think of food when we talk of franchising in the Philippines, but today, more and more businesses take advantage of the Business format franchising system to go with not so traditional businesses as well into Franchising and I will introduce you today to some of those new twigs on the ever growing franchising tree.

Drug stores, while regulated by government, found their way to expand through Franchising. While it is quite an upward struggle to fight the leader in the game, never the less there is a huge market out there and finally earlier this year Drug stores decided to go into Franchising and even segmented to depending on certain drug markets, be it for people who prefer branded or generic medicine. Emmaflor, a chain of drugstores concentrated in the Makati area, some outlets combined with a convenient store offer such branded medicine only. A chain from Laguna, Johnston Pharmacy on the other hand is promoting the generic medicine in their outlets and is franchising particular in the south of Manila and Luzon. Botika1 has Gondolas of generic drugs
for franchising in Gasoline station convenience shops.

Advertising Companies haven’t thought earlier of franchising their business either, but in 2007, no less than three Ad Companies joined Franchising as vehicle to expand their businesses. Alex Montanez is considered the billboard king in the Philippines, having those big boards all over the Country on roadsides, in Airports and a lot of other localities. Combined with the service of printing signages and other advertisement businesses, APM is very lucrative to venture into, and a franchisee can even expand it to cable TV programming, which APM offers as well.

A European invention which was brought by a Belgian to the Philippines is Rabbit Advertisement, which offers placemats to restaurants, on which other companies place their advertisements. Placemats are an excellent source of advertising, since restaurants patrons have to sit and wait for their order, so in the meantime they can browse through the offers right in front of them. Rabbit Advertisement is offering area franchises nationwide for this excellent business. Transit Media is joining in the later part of 2007 with franchising their business, which is advertisement on buses and other vehicles.