Happy New Year From Franchise Philippines

Happy new year to all entrepreneurs, franchisers and franchise dealers. This year have been a blast and a lot of food cart franchises have been available on our franchise directory. Year 2011 will be an exciting year for you, people who wants to franchise. We have something in store for you for the next year.

What to expect from franchise Philippines next year?

We would like to take it to the next level… We want to help more Filipinos and Franchise dealers and consultants to connect with each other. By next year, we will be making a complete overhaul of the site. Giving more features and more opportunities for our fellow Filipinos. The design and development is on the way. Look at our new logo.

What exactly will the new franchise Philippines will do?

Aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to franchise a business can now search a large list of franchise database. It will be easier to ask questions and contact the franchise dealer. Franchise dealers will have the ability to have their own page so they can add all of their franchises. So aspiring entrepreneurs can choose a large variety of franchises.

But before we go further details. Please do subscribe by entering your email address below and click subscibe. This will serve as our only communication with you if you want to notified when the new site feature has been release.

We are also looking for franchise dealers that wants to take the advantage of being one of the first people who will fill in our franchise database. So if you are a franchise dealer, leave your email address as well on the form below. You’ll also be notified when the new site comes out.

Once again, Happy New Year to Everybody!