How to Apply for Jollibee Franchise

Who would have thought that a mere Magnolia Ice Cream Parlor named Jollibee at Cubao will turn out to be one of the most Popular Food Franchise in the Philippines today? It all started during 1975 and from there on in made a drastic change as to shift to a Hamburger Joint, by the year 1978 they introduced one of their major product named “Yumburger” and “Chicken Joy” which became quite popular to the masses not just because they’re delicious and affordable but they give off happiness and joy to the people who eat them. Their mascot also became quite popular with the young ones; the wide smiling orange striped honeybee named Jollibee in which most children couldn’t resist not hugging really boosted their sales.

Jollibee Foods Corporation runs and owns the Jollibee franchise, showing off their great managerial skills and unique strategies have led them to a spot at the Philippines Top 100 Corporations in just 10 years. Jollibee Foods Corporation is also the first Philippine Fast Food Chain to break the P1 Billion sales mark during 1989, to top this off they also became the first Food Service Company to be listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange which led them to further heights.

The company continued to prosper and later on became so successful that they even bought several more food chains that are well known in the Philippines, they bought the Oriental themed restaurant type Chow King, the popular Pizza restaurant named Greenwich Pizza, and by 2005 they also got their hands on the famous and well-known Red Ribbon Bakery, to top it off they also acquired the French themed Café and Bakery known as Delifrance. They have also expanded to franchising even In other countries, this shows that they really are one of the best companies ever brought up. As of today there are more than 600 Jollibee Franchises all over the Philippines and more than 50% of these stores are owned and operated by Franchisees whom decided to join their growing empire.

So what are you still idling for? Why not join them in their business venture and have a part of their success. Here’s some information that will be able to help you if you’re interested to franchise your own Jollibee.

What Jollibee is Looking for as Franchisors

– Self-driven and entrepreneur at heart
– Has a good community standing
– Posses great Leadership and People-Handling Skills
– Knows how to movitate people well enough to be more productive
– Willing to devote certain amounts of time and attention to fully understand and utilize the day to day operations of the restaurant
– Willing to undergo training which will enable you to learn more about operating the restaurant
– Has the capability to fund the investment.

How much is needed to invest in a Jollibee Franchise?

It varies on the size of the store you wish to set up, but mostly the final store and facilities would range from P20,000,000 to P30,000,000.

What comprises the said investment?

Upon investment of a Franchise, it includes the construction of the store, kitchen equipment, and facilities, furniture and fixtures, air conditioning system, signage, and pre-operating expenses.

Does the Corporation provide financing for the franchise?

Sadly they don’t, so it is best that you look for a trusted financing yourself.
Want to apply for a franchise but don’t have a feasible location in mind?
You would still be able to apply for a Jollibee Franchise even if you don’t have any location ready yet, but bear in mind that Jollibee Foods Corporation would prioritize applicants who have signed up with site/locations ready for the franchise. Those who fail to do so would be included in the list of interested applicants who applied without sites for future reviews and transactions.

How much will be the Return on Investment?

Well, it varies depending of several factors that affects your franchise’s profitability and performance. These includes sales, market potential, investment and how well the management is, expenses can also affect the ROI in such a way that how well you use your resources and how can you keep your costs and expenses at the minimum to optimize profitability. This is a very delicate topic and it would be best if discussed during the interview process.

Aside from Individuals, can Corporations apply for a Jollibee Franchise too?

Yes they can, but it a sense that an Individual can organize a corporation only after the approval of the Franchise, it is also a must that the said individual should have clear majority ownership of the corporation.

How long is the Training Program?

The franchisee himself is required to complete the 3 month full time Basic Operations Training Program at a designated training store in which Jollibee Foods Corporations would assign.

Are they also the ones who would look for the crew?

Partly yes, they will assist the franchisee in recruiting and training the management team. However it is the franchisor’s responsibility to pay their salaries and benefits while in training.

If you really are interested to start your own Jollibee Franchise then prepare a proposal containing the following documents:

– Letter of Intent – Must contain the exact address of the proposed site, personal information such as your mailing address, contact number, complete name, etc.
– Vicinity Map of Proposed Site – This is very necessary in order for us to send a representative in which would go to your proposed site and conduct an on-site evaluation.
– Legal document certifying your ownership of the proposed site.
– An up to date resume or bio-data.

Upon completing the requirements, send them to:
Jollibee Foods Corporation, 9th Floor Jollibee Plaza, #10 F.Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605. Do note that submission of an application form don’t oblige neither Jollibee nor you in any way. It is just the first step in the application process in which is an evaluation of your proposed location.

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    For Food Court Spaces inj Ayala Makati, call us at:
    (02) 949-3620
    Send proposals at [email protected]

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    Good morning,

    I owned a 440 sqm lot in Taal, Batangas suited for commercial purpose. It is near public highway, just across public national high school, museum, and public markets.

    If interested in this property, it is open for lease. Please call me at 09167153444 or email me back, thanks,

    Best regards,

    Luz Marinay
    Contact: 09167153444
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  • Eva

    My foreigner bf ask if he can also franchise a jollibee in our country? What r the requirements?

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