How to Franchise: 7 – Eleven Franchise Philippines

With the rise of the fast food giant, Jollibee Philippines, comes the giant to convenient shopping. A store that never closes and probably the most popular store / franchise which you can see in every corner of the metro.

Who would have guessed that a mere convenience store would be so successful that it can be found in almost every corner of a town, it all started during October 26, 1982 when Philippine Seven Corporation finally acquired the license agreement to use the 7-Eleven Convenience Store System from its original owner Southland Corporation of Dallas, Texas. Finally, being incorporated by Jose T. Pardo, Vicente T. Paterno and Francisco R. Sibal they were able to register with SEC on November 29, 1982 in just a month. The Company’s goal were simple, to provide good quality food to the local market for a 24 hours a day.

7-eleven Franchise Store

For further improvements and in order to apply the technology being used in Southland based branches, they formed a team which composed of Fracisco R. Sibal, Ramon De jesus, Jose Blanch, Wilfredo Villanueva, and Teodoro Wenceslao to train and learn how they manage there. Their training lasted for five weeks, but it really paid off because upon their arrival they started testing out what they learned from the five week training. Site selection, Design and Construction, Negotiation amongst Suppliers, Ordering of Equipments, Recruitment and training of Employees, these were the points that lead them to opening their first branch which was constructed at the corner of EDSA and Kamias Streets in Kamuning Quezon. They experienced major setbacks but were able to handle them and was able to open up another branch within the same year, this was placed at President Ave., BF Homes Paranaque.

From then on, the 7-Eleven Philippine Franchise grew and grew to the point that it can be seen almost anywhere you go, be it in long high-ways or even in major and minor towns. The 7-Eleven Franchise targets those who are in the middle class, mostly busy employees who are also on the go and needs to get something to eat fast and convenient, being able to do so they ensured success and the Franchise grew and grew.

The 7-Eleven Franchise never failed to innovate ways to provide the masses what they need, be it a cool drink to battle the scorching summer heat with a very refreshing SLURPEE, or scrumptious hotdog sandwiches which are always fresh and ready anytime of the day, and their most recent adaption of Mr.Donuts for you to enjoy.

If you’re interested enough to start your own 7-11 Philippines Franchise, check out these details:

What We Offer

– Well established retail operating system which has been proven for over 25 years of experience.
– Access to 7-Eleven’s logistics and distribution resources.
– Continuous developmental marketing, product R&D, and operational support.
– A comprehensive 8-week training program on operation and management.
– Assigned Operations Field Consultant (OFC) who will visit the Franchisee at least once a week to provide counsel with regards to every aspect of the Franchised Business.
– Monthly financial and marketing records prepared by 7-Eleven for the franchisee.


– Entrepreneur at heart and Ambitious
– Able to fund the investment
– Willing to undergo 4 weeks full time training
– Willing to devote time to oversee day-to-day operations
– Willing to cooperate and work with the franchisors
– Possess great leadership and managerial skills.

Must not and is not directly or indirectly engaged in any similar business conflict with 7-Eleven.

If you think you have what it takes to be a 7-Eleven Franchisee then what are you waiting for? Simply comply with these requirements so that you can start being a part of the growing 7-Eleven Franchise.
1. Accomplish a well written Letter of Intent
2. Complete the Application Form
3. Send them to [email protected]
4. Or to the address: The Franchise Manager Philippine Seven Corporation 7th Floor, Columbia Tower, Ortigas Ave., near corner EDSA Mandaluyong City Philippines.

*You may also contact us using:
Phone Number: +63(02)726-9968
Fax: +63 (02)705-5229
Mobile: +63 (920)950-8651 or +63 (917)871-1475

Don’t be afraid of transacting with them because they will provide you with the expert advice and assistance which only trusted industry leaders can provide. Using their gathered knowledge based on experience of providing more than a thousand of customers for over 27 years of which enabled them to put out over 450 stores nationwide. It is also advisable that you come to their office because they conduct Franchise Briefings during Mondays and Thursdays at 10:00 am onwards or 2:00 pm onwards


– How much is the investment is required to fund a 7-Eleven Franchise?
It usually varies from P1 to P5 Million depending on how large the store would be.

– What are the inclusions of the investment?
Upon investment you will gain operational rights of the store, equipment and facilities, furniture and fixtures, air-conditioning system, signage, and initial inventory.

– Can I still apply for a 7-Eleven Franchise even if I don’t have a location ready yet?
Yes, you can still apply but having a location available might give you better chances of getting a franchise ready as soon as possible.

– How much is the return on investment?

It also varies from one franchise to another, depending on how well the store performs. Factors that might affect your profitability includes: how well you control your operating expenses, Sales Performance, How well you implement the 7-Eleven operating principles, and how well you are able to provide satisfaction to your customers.

– What is the required lot size for the location?
The flood area should be 120 square meters ideally.

– How long is the training program?
The training would last for 4 weeks, it consists of a full time training program which will be conducted in both classroom and in-store.

– Will 7-Eleven provide the crew for my Franchise?
No, it is the franchisor’s duty to look and take care of the salaries and benefits of the employees.

Property Conversion Program

7-Eleven also offers this unique program to help those who have the desire to be a part of their growing empire but lack the resources to franchise their own store. If you have a property or if you run a local business in a prime location but not satisfied with the results you get, why not try this offer to increase your income. 7-Eleven is looking for those people who are willing to share their passion for retailing and serving the people who needs them, If you own a business within Metro Manila or in any major province, town proper, and thoroughfares in Luzon, they would love to do business with you and provide you with an opportunity you can’t afford to miss out. The location should have double frontage, and a non-corner location with a 7 meter frontage, Simply contact them if you do and be part of their growing business venture

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    It also varies from one franchise to another, depending on how well the store performs. Factors that might affect your profitability includes: how well you control your operating expenses, Sales Performance, How well you implement the 7-Eleven operating principles, and how well you are able to provide satisfaction to your customers.”

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