How to Franchise: Dunkin Donuts Franchise Philippines

Dunkin Donuts have no doubt become one of the most successful and patronized donut franchise Philippines. Serving both Coffee and Baked Goods since 1950’s and originated in Massachusetts. The famous Dunkin Donuts was founded by Bill Rosenberg which succeeded so rapidly that it now serves more than 3 million customers per day, and what’s even more amazing is that they’re now open for Franchise here in the Philippines.

Dunkin Donuts Franchise

The brand had been so successful here in the Philippines that it became quoted as the “Pasalubong ng Bayan” it got engraved in the minds of Filipinos and most especially to the kids who couldn’t resist those sweet and delicious donuts that they offer. They serve over 52 varieties of donuts and more than a dozen coffee and beverages as well as breakfast and sandwiches that are sufficient enough to satisfy their customer’s needs. One of their popular flavor is the Bavarian which tastes so well that it became one their most selling product.

Why Dunkin Donuts?

Not just because of their untainted success in the Philippine Market, it is also best to invest in the said Franchise because it is cheaper than any other Franchises out there, having the lowest cost of P200,000 it is perfect for those who are just starting out with very limited budget at hand. Not to mention that they really made it cheaper to Franchise here unlike in America where you’ve got to have $250,000 liquid assets and $500,000 net worth to open your own branch.

Who owns and runs the Dunkin Donut Empire?

Golden Donuts Inc. is actually the one who executes all Dunkin Donuts Franchises, they have been doing so well enough that the brand is growing more and more popular and competitive at the same time. The experience they’ve gained throughout the years have made them more reliable that they are confident enough to teach on those who are willing to join their business venture. Franchisees are ensured with the warmest support they can offer, they will provide you with trainings so that you will be successful like them.

Here are the things that they will offer you upon transacting with them:

Training Program

This is how they will prepare you before you actually run your own store, this will include trainings such as Production training wherein you will be taught how the product is made, Store Operations Training wherein you will be tested and train on how to handle the daily operations of your franchise, Local Store Marketing Training wherein they will teach you business strategies you can use to improve your business and sales.

Quality Assurance Assistance

They will guide you throughout the entire phase of you starting business; provide you with great support that you will never feel left out or alone in running the newly established business.

Site Selection Assistance

If you don’t have any site in mind yet but really into starting your own Dunkin Donuts Franchise, don’t be alarmed for they will also help you find a suitable spot for your business.

Marketing and Promotional Support

-Aggressive National and Local Marketing Efforts
-New Products
-Grand Opening Assistance

Continuing Guidance from Consultants

Feel at ease because they will never leave you, their consultants will check up on you and your sites progress from time to time, giving out tips and pointing out things that can improve your business further.


– Letter of intent containing full contact details and address of the proposed site you have in mind.
– Vicinity/Site Map of the area of the said Site
– Photos of the Site for review and assessment purposes

Upon completion of these requirements, send them to Business Development Division, Golden Donuts Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do I need in order to start my own Dunkin Donuts Franchise?
A: As stated above, you only need as low as P200,000 to start your own Franchise but bear in mind that it varies depending on the stores concepts.

Q: Do I automatically get approved once I’ve submitted the required documents?
A: No, because they will still review the documents you submitted and they will still have to evaluate whether your proposal is feasible. Factors that might affect your approval will be the Site/location of the prospective outlet and the level of its competitiveness, Personal qualifications of the applicant in terms that will he be able to comply with the Franchisor’s demands and expectations.

Q: Are they also the ones who would hire employees for my Franchise?
A: No, it is the franchisee’s duty to hire his employees for the franchise but Dunkin Donuts will assist him in recruiting them, they will also provide necessary training programs for your employees to ensure that they would meet the Dunkin Donuts Quality Standards.

Q: What are the terms of agreement?
A: This also varies from one franchise to another, though contracts are renewable in a term by term basis upon the Franchisee’s compliance with renewal criteria and how well he manages and operate the certain Franchise prior to its renewal.

Q: Will they also be the ones in charge of the construction of the building?
A: No, it is the franchisee’s duty to prepare the building plan upon approval, he must consult and look for an architect and construction should be discussed by the contractor and the Franchisee only. Golden Donuts Inc., who owns the Dunkin Donuts Franchise will provide them guidelines in which they should follow for the building plan. Golden Donuts Inc., however if the franchisee couldn’t find any architect or contractor the corporation might lead him to their own and trusted contractors just as long as they make sure that they meet the standard constructions guidelines of Golden Donuts Inc., but bear in mind that the Franchisee should have enough budget to cope with the construction of the Franchise.

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of their successful business venture and apply for a Dunkin Donut Franchise now. Have one set up in order to boost your income and provide the people around you with a box of Dunkin Donuts which surely will be able to provide them satisfaction and delight.

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    We have a Commercial Space available for Lease which is located at 941 Quezon Blvd.,Sta.Cruz , Manila between Isetan, Recto and Central Market.

    The said available space is just a few meters away from Mlhuiller and Cebuena Pawnshop, MZE Phoneshop and CVM
    Pawnshop and others.

    For more info., or if you want to visit and view the said space, please feel free to contact me at: 0917-8343775 or 7350304 – look for Mr Emmanuel D. Sta. Ana- Administrator

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    For Food Court Spaces in Ayala Makati, call us at:

    (02) 949-3620

    Send proposals at [email protected]

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  • R?nch? satellite maps

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  • R?nch? satellite map

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    Good morning, Sir/Ma’am!

    I am also interested for a small booth/kiosk of Dunkin Donuts to be placed permanently infront of my residence at Regency Townhomes, with 600 filled-up units and more than 80% occupancy rate. With the presence of your Silang Cavite distribution/comissary, I am very happy that I can get stock replenishments faster than any available stock management group. Eventually, I can expect to increase bulk sales, too, and open a bigger branch of Dunkin Donuts, soon!

    Thank you for reconsidering my request for a smaller selling unit inside our subdivision, and help me be able to support back my family, soonest possible.

    God bless!!!
    ahlecks 0917 741 0951

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    We have a vacant lot to built a building for Dunkin Donuts business next side our newly constructed house.
    It’s located in town proper of Infanta, Quezon. Just a walking distance to Municipal hall, plaza, public market, church, schools and surrounding commercial and residential areas. How much the cost to open this business. We are planning
    to be home next year. Thanks.

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