KFC Franchise Philippines

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC Franchise) has built a strong foundation over the years with both timeless original recipes and innovative products. Take a trip down memory lane and discover the beginnings of a world-famous restaurant that has captured the hearts of chicken-lovers, all around the globe. In 1980 Harland Sanders is born just outside Henryville, Indiana. 1930 the midst of depression, Harland Sanders opens his first restaurant in the small front room of a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. Sanders serve as station operator chief cook and cashier and name the dining area “Sanders Court & Café.” On 1936 Kentucky Governor Ruby Laffoon makes Harland Sanders an honorary Kentucky Colonel in recognition of his contribution to the state’s cuisine. Then on 1940 is the birth date of the Original Recipe Chicken. 12 Years after, Colonel begins actively franchising his chicken business by traveling from town to town and cooking batches of chicken for restaurant owners and employees. The Colonel awards Pete Harman of Salt Lake City with the first KFC franchise. A handshake agreement stipulates a payment of nickel to Sanders for each chicken sold, and in 1957 KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken first sold in buckets. Then on 1964 Kentucky Fried Chicken has more than 600 franchised outlets in the United States, Canada and the first overseas outlet, in England. Sanders sell his interest in the U.S. Company for $2 million to a group of investors headed by John Y. Brown Jr., future governor of Kentucky. The Colonel remains a public spokesman for the company. Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation goes in public in 1966, and in 1971 more than 3,500 franchised and company-owned restaurants are in worldwide operation when Heublein Inc. acquires KFC Corporation. And 8 years after KFC cooks ups 2.7 billion pieces of chicken. There are approximately 6,000 KFC restaurants worldwide with sales of more than $2 billion. Colonel Sanders dies in 1980 with stricken leukemia.

KFC is one of the Great Brands of one Great Company and that is YRI or Yum! Restaurants International based in Dallas, Texas is the largest division of Yum! Brands Inc. with nearly 11,500 restaurants outside the U.S. (excluding Yum! China Division). These have 700+ strong families of international franchisees who together with YRI operate close to 34,000 restaurants worldwide. Yum! Brands are committed to franchising with over 80% owned by independent franchise operators. They actively are seeking operators with the vision and capability to open multiple restaurants around the world.

In terms of Franchise Philippines KFC stared its operation in 1967, it was managed by different franchisees. On June 1994, Manuel U. Agustine obtained the sole franchise over the sale distribution of KFS products in the Philippines, under the corporate KFC Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) Corporation. Now the management of KFC is working hard on it best to maintain the excellence and the standards that made KFC one of the fastest growing Quick Service Restaurants in the Industry. The major expansion program is not only in Metro Manila area but also in the provincial areas in the Country to meet its growing customer demand.
Franchising KFC at YUM! Brands, you should know Yum! Value Network, for you to be a successful professionals becoming a multi-unit franchisee and by experience they will help you and support you in every steps on the way, through development experts, business coaches. Here are some questions and answers that can help and give you an idea about Franchising KFC at YUM! Brands:
• Do you have a passion for operations?
o The restaurant business is a hands on business
• Are you committed to building people capability?
o Multi-unit ownership requires you to be a team builder
• Do you have capital to grow?
o Off course you should have capital; you and your partner must have at least $360,000 in liquid assets.
Yum! Value Network consists of many programs and support staff all focused on enabling you to compete, including:

• Brand Recognition
• Customer Attraction
• Competitive Advantage
• Franchise Value System
• Multi-Unit Growth
• Economic Stability
• Brands that Give Back to the Community
• Development Expertise
• Access to Financing
• Solid Business Support
• Quality On-boarding & Training
• Reliable Supply Chain
• Return on Investment


1. Qualification (4-6 weeks)

• Review application
• Issue Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
• Verify assets and geographic interests
• Conduct and review credit check and franchise profile
• Overview training requirements
• Overview Operating Plan outline
• Conduct franchising background check

Franchisee Prospect

• Sign and return Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) receipt
• Review FDD and prepare questions
• Complete franchising profile
• Begin creating operating plan

2. Operations Interviews(4-6 weeks)

• Conduct Interview(s)
• Discuss Operating Plan to ensure business understanding
• Explain site selection
• Identify and discuss issues
• Conduct operations interview
• Set up one and a half day store experience
• If Franchise Prospect meets all qualification standards, they are approved as a Franchisee Candidate

Franchisee Prospect

• Attend one and a half day store experience (if necessary)
• Complete operations plan
• Interview as needed
3. Site Strategy Exploration(8-10 weeks)

• Determine best site selection strategy
• Review KFC Development Service options
• Discuss scale requirements and future development

Franchisee Prospect

• Outline development vision
• Identify focus trade area(s)
• Align next steps

Note: Franchise Candidates seeking to acquire existing restaurants will document their interest and will be contacted if deals are available that meet their criteria.

4. Securing Site Control(12-16 weeks)

• Complete Trade Area action plan
• Establish priorities
• Develop next steps with the Franchisee Candidate

Franchisee Prospect

• Provide feedback/action plan
• Endorse action plan
• Negotiate for site
• Send letter of intent
• Negotiate store purchase (if buying stores)

5. Site Registration / Approval(6-8 weeks)

• Complete site registration workbook
• Provide Franchise Site Analysis Survey (FSAS) and deposit form
• Submit site registration to Brand desk
• Determine if proposed site can be cleared for development

Franchisee Prospect

• Complete site deposit form
• Remit funds
• Sign, date and remit site analysis survey form

6. Franchise On boarding(6-18 months)

• Provide on boarding support via regular calls
• Schedule/conduct appropriate training
• Provide development expertise
• Provide countdown to opening checklist
• Support Grand Opening

Franchisee Prospect

• Finance your restaurant
• Build your restaurant
• Hire your team
• Attend appropriate training
• Grand Opening

7. Preparing to Grow(On Going)

• Provide business support
• Develop marketing calendar
• Provide brand leadership

Franchisee Prospect

• Run a great restaurant – be certified “growth ready”
• Execute marketing programs
• Build team capability
• Create a growth vision
• Register and build additional sites


• Business Concept – You should define what type of business you want.
• Longevity – Know how long has the business been in existence.
• Profitability – Know your financial, how financial picture of business cost?
• Products and Services – be in well defined and consistent in quality.
• Duplication of branches – know whether there are branches that are set up and know how long and consistent they are.
• Documentation- is the procedures are easy to follow?
• Commitment – Is the entrepreneur committed in accepting franchisees?
• Inquiries- Is the company receiving inquiries from various people if it is franchising?

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    Hi my name is Moses Boon from Singapore now residing and im very interested in buying in and to be train in a kfc franchise .Can you kindly get your business development of franchise to contact me asap at 9206943449

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    HI ! My Name is Moses Boon from Singapore now most recently residing in the calumpit Bulacan on a permanently basis and im very interested in a kfc franchise here in the philippines.Iused to be a kfc manager some many years ago in Singapore .Can u email me at [email protected] or contact me at 09206943449

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    I would like to inform your good office that I am interested to franchise KFC, basically how much is the cost if I am going to franchise… this is my E-mail address   [email protected]

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    My Name Moses Boon From Singapore who is married to a filipina and im here on long term ,i am starting real soon my Food cart franchise and have Dti Registered already under Boon food and beverages Trading .Im very interested in setting up a small to medium Size Kfc outlet in Malolos or Apalit area soon .In terms of experiences in F& beverage and customer high end services ,i have been a ex kfc manager ,Exxonmobil petrol station Manager in Singapore in the late 80s a 90s.
    Would very much appreciate if someone can get back to me asap at email:[email protected]:disqus .com.sg or contact cell number 0920-694-3449>In terms of liquid asset i have $70000 in sing dollars in stock ,a sub division House and a car .In terms of physical cashs i also have in a saving account.

    Yours Truly,

    Boon Moses

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    May i would like to inquire in your good office on how to get a franchise of KFC, basically i want to know how much is the cost if i am going to avail the franchise?…i am residing in Butuan City, Philippines. actually i’m very much interested to know everything right now because the ROBINSON MALL building construction is ongoing here in Butuan City. i plan to putting up at that mall…. i just do hope and appreciate if someone coming from kfc can get back to me as soonest possible time through my email add: [email protected]:disqus .com or cell number 09176205184.

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    Good am. This is Dr. Abella. Am interested to franchise and put up a KFC branch in Sta Cruz, Laguna. I have capital and good location for the business. Kindly e mail details. I am a very busy practicing physician, pls make it easy for me to attain my goals. but of course I would have my support staff. Thank you

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    We are from Butuan City. We are interested to franchise KFC in Butuan. We are businessmen of good standing in the city. We hope you can get in touch with us in these contact numbers: 09177162457; 09177122444; 085-3425853; 085-3422499. Our email add is [email protected]. We hope to hear from you.

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    Hi i want to franchise a KFC outlet in Baguio City. Please kindly email me the details and requirements needed at [email protected] Thank you.

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    My name is Renier and I live in the US and planning on moving back to the Philippines. Where, depending on where I can open my own business. My first choice is KFC and I would like to Open either in Luzon or Visaya province. Please email me information such as the total cost of opening a Medium Size KFC. Thank you.
    [email protected]

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    Hi, my name is john , i was wondering how much it costs for a KFC franchise , I have a great location already, located just across the street from Gaisano mall, pls if anyone can help me , you can contact me at 09499719083 or email me at [email protected] I have the land and the capitol for this business and a great support staff, thanks, My location is Iligan city Mindano, thank you

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    Do you accept an application of KFC franchise in Tuguegarao Cagayan Valley area? If you do, how much does it cost to put up a medium KFC store?
    There’s no KFC outlet in the area, and I really love your food.
    I appreciate to hear anything from you. You may reach me at this number-09162355393,and my [email protected].

    Thank you and more power.

    Sheryl Ermac

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    I’m planning and interested to franchise KFC. I’m residing in Utah, USA and I’m from Southern Leyte. Please email me [email protected] for more details. I’m a big fan of KFC here in USA. I’d like to do business with them in a future. Please help me……..

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    Please help me how I could find the office or even the right contact person with his contact number who is handling the franchise of KFC, my intention is to offer our location (lot for lease for commercial store)which is best fit for KFC since this is the only fast food chain that does not have any branch along the crowded highway in Calamba City going to Los Banos Laguna. Please send me the information of the contact person at KFC in this email address: [email protected].

    Highly appreciate any help.

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    Im Shirley Tan. I have a 500 sqm commercial space in West Zamora which i would like to lease out for a fastfood chain. THe space is at the heart of a busy community with a public market , 4 barangay communities 3 churches , 3 gas stations. Where can i reach you so i can send you all the other docs . Hoping for your immediate response. THanks

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    good day! how much is the coast if i am going to franchise KFC here in pagadian city