McDonald Franchise in the Philippines

 If you haven’t read about my Jollibee Philippines post, read them if you have the time. I believe it would be better to tell this as I would be making a comparison with the two franchises dominating the Philippines today.

McDonald’s Franchise

To start of, let’s give a little information about the franchise. The world renowned franchise was founded by Dr. Kroc of Oak Brook Illinois. The franchisor  is a publicly-held company with 885 employee(s); 20 employee(s) in franchise department.

To know if this franchise is a real deal or not. Lets see some statistics. Statistics never lie.

McDonald’s Franchise Statistics

If you will see the column for US Franchises for McDonald’s it is increasing until they got to 2006. But still making huge profits on the course until 2008. Now where should we focus our eyes on? Since we are from the Philippines and if you would like to buy a McDonald’s franchise, you might want to look at the foreign franchises column, this column as you can see, will give you an idea of the trend of McDonald’s franchise.

In the course of over 4 years, they have never stopped increasing and probably explode by the end of the year when all those third world country starts to progress. You can clearly see the trend and it has a potential. No wonder you can see McDonald’s sprout all over the Metro.

Personal View on McDonalds

As a customer and a food lover. I love to dine in a fast food chain that offers good food and great service. In comparison to Jollibee, I prefer McDonalds most of the time. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the idea of Jollibee is that it’s for kids and McDonalds is somewhat for the older people.

When you see a commercial for Jollibee you can always see Tito Aga and his kids doing the commercial but its not for McDonalds. Do you see what I’m getting? Jollibee may cater those that are younger and McDonalds for those that are adults.

I would like to share my personal experience with this. In our university, just outside the school. We have a McDonald’s fast food right outside. But one day, comes mr. Jollibee opening their store on the other side of the school. We can clearly see this for a fact that both fast food chains are established near a university (in fact there are 3 universities near it). On the first few months, 6 months or so, Jollibee was raking it. Its fresh, new, and people want to it there. But after a while, it never last. They were over run by McDonald’s. College students prefer to eat at McDonalds and Jollibee have no choice but to close its doors.

After a few months after, the spot where Jollibee stood, it became a McDonalds fast food. Then another. 1 Mc Donalds build for every University right on its doors.

I hope that helped you decide whether to take a McDonalds Franchise in the Philippines.