Philippine Franchise Directory Launched!

Welcome Filipino entrepreneurs. It has been said that last year, we released a post about franchising opportunities in the Philippines and we have promised to send those who subscribe to the mailing list, the blueprint on how to start a franchise business with all franchising companies in it. But things got a little out of hand… Though, I apologize for quite a long delay, instead of a blueprint, we give you something EVEN BETTER! as the blueprint might be outdated anytime soon, we figured why not make a directory so all people can see, so we present to you our Philippine Franchise Directory.

What is Philippine Franchise Directory?

It is an online classified ads strictly for franchise opportunities here in the Philippines where you can BUY, SELL and Advertise franchise business.

Without further ado…

What Features Do You Have At Philippine Franchise Directory?

If you are a franchise buyer

You can search for a franchise… Look at its benefits and details, their price, contact information about the vendor/company and most importantly, you can contact the company, straight from the site!

If you are a franchise seller

Franchise Philippines get’s a lot of hits everyday. Averaging around 550+ unique visitors a day and more than 70,000 page views per month. Posting your ad for your franchise will most likely end up in a sale.

How do I use Philippine Franchise Directory?

First You Have To Search

You can use the search bar at the center of the page or navigate through the categories tabs and browse for the franchise of your choice. Once you found a franchise that is interesting to you, you may click on it and will direct you to the details of the franchise.


Franchise Details

On this page you will see all the details regarding the franchise, including information about the owner or company. If you’re interested about this franchise and would like to contact the owner, you may use the form built in Franchise Directory. Just click on Contact Author and form will appear like magic!


Contact The Franchise Owner/Company

Just fill in the form and our system will automatically email the owner/company for you. No hassle eh? Well, sometimes, the owner has no email (yes, some businesses in the Philippines STILL HAVE NO EMAIL!) so the message will bounce back. If that happen, please take initiative to contact them by phone or walk in to their office. They are all provided on every franchise details listed in our directory.



If you have suggestions of what franchises you want to see in the future, please contact us or leave a comment on this page. This will help us know what you guys are looking for and we will be happy to contact the company and list their franchise details on our directory.

Mabuhay po kayo!

How Can You Help?

You can help us by:

  • Letting other people know about our directory or
  • If you have a blog, a post about us or blogroll link will be a great help!
  • Tell us your success stories and how franchise philippines took part in your success.
  • Ma. Elena Lamasan

    hello! thanks for your messages. i dont know where to start and how to start but im in Boracay and im looking forward to invest in a small business here.. maybe small foodcart franchise.. something of that effect…

    A food business na ma click to foriegner… Filipino.. maybe Bebingkinitan.. i dont know.. would you advice something?



  • JIp


    that is a great idea for a franchise. Because foreigners like to try things out that are new to them. You may also want contact the people behind bebingkinitan, they will give you advice and consultation if your franchise will be viable for foreigners. This is because they will also earn from you so they want to make sure you’ll also be successful.

    Good luck!


  • miko

    Hi, i really want to put up my own business, and im much into franchising. With the current economic crisis we are facing today, can I ask for some advice what is the best business I can invest into? SO if you guys can help me about this and I really want to materialize my plans this year but unfortunately the ideas were all in the drawing board. Thank you very much! MOre power to this site!

  • http://hallo eduardo anasarias

    seafaring is my profession – i command and control a ship.
    i somebody can help me to start a small to medium business
    such as grocery store like mini stop or internet cafe and the like here in cavite area (bacoor molino)

    anyone can help will be very much appreaciated. thanks

  • Bruce Beare

    Guys, im interested to franchise soft ice cream. Can you provide me with the list of current franchise available.


  • JIp

    Hi Bruce! All franchises are listed in our franchise directory. All questions will be entertained on our franchise forum.

  • http://hello elzoy

    good day, i want to put up a main branch of avon here in our place. please send me the complete information about how to franchise and how much it is.

    Thank you very much…email me at [email protected]

  • Noemi

    I am also interested to franchise lotto. Please give me all the details on how to start.

  • Naomi

    Aside from lotto franchise, please also include the mister donut franchise.

  • Naomi

    I am interested to franchise lotto and mister donut. Please help me to start.