Aquabest Franchise Philippines

It all started when Mr. Carson Tan saw the demand for safe drinking water and used it as an opportunity to serve his fellowmen safe drinking water and gain profit from it at the same time. It was June 1997 when Mr. Carson Tan opened the first Aquabest in Quezon City with a starting capital of around P1 million, which aims to quench anyone’s taste for pure and safe drinking water using state of the art technology yet at a reasonable price.

Aquabest uses high quality materials, stringent manufacturing standard and strictest quality control measures. They also take pride on their way of using the latest state-of-the-art NASA technology Reverse-Osmosis System. All these just to make sure that you get clean and safe water to drink every day.

It is without doubt that Aquabest became successful having put up 655 outlets nationwide and running for almost a decade now. Aquabest had been one of the leading brands in the safe drinking water industy, to the extent that they’ve even had several outlets using a different name such as Aquabest Plus, Aquaspree, Bestlife, Aquarevo, Alkaline Plus, Mineral Plus, and Oxyplus.

Still seeking further innovations Aquabest started to franchise their business to Filipino Entrepreneurs who wish to be a part of their business venture. They aim to help every Filipino own and operate a viable business and make a substantial income from a well proven franchised system, noting that their years of experience have enabled them to learn of the 7 P’s or Franchise Marketing which are; Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Profile of Franchisor, Potential, Prayer of which brought them to where they stand today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Aquabest look for in a possible Franchisee?

Should have experience in marketing and management, he should be willing to devote certain amount of time and attention in running and monitoring the business franchise. He should be success driven and doesn’t give up even when trouble arises. He should be willing to undergo an endless pursuit of innovations which will bring his business franchise to further heights.

  • How much do I need to start my own Aquabest Franchise?

Initial investment would range from P500,000 to P1 million depending on the set-up you chose.

  • What are the inclusions of the Initial Investment?

Initial Investment would include the water treatment system(R.O., Oxygenato/Alkaline, etc.), stainless filling and washing table, initial inventory, signages, trainings, operating manual, delivery vans (optional), and renovation(optional).

  • How much is the Franchise Fee for Aquabest?

Aquabest waivers a P100,000 Franchise Fee, but do note that they are having a promo which offers No Franchising Fee for limited slots so act quickly and apply for an Aquabest Franchise now.

  • What is the space requirement for an Aquabest Franchise?

An Aquabest Store should be no less than 28 square meters with provision of a toilet and stock room.

  • Who will be responsible for the design of the Store?

All Aquabest stores follow a standard design format in order to maintain uniformity within the whole franchise network. It is a requirement that new stores follow this design as well.

  • What are the criteria in selecting a store location?

Your store location should preferably be in a main street frontage, It should be visible and accessible as well. It should also have a parking space for your customers, posses a ready market in which your business will cater, must have at least 300 households or offices, there should be no other water stations near your site.

  • What advantages shall I gain over my competitors?
    • Free in-house financing ( Zero interest) up to 60 months for Metro Manila Franchisees.
    • No Franchising Fee and No Royalty Fee
    • Low and fixed Monthly dues and advertising fee of P 4,000.00 per month
    • Free Streamers every quarter
    • Free Uniform every month
    • Free Replacement Filters every month (2 pcs)
    • Free Replacement Carbon Cartridge every 6 months (2 pcs)
    • Full Maintenance Support
    • Fully report on all operations
    • Reverse Osmosis Automatic System Set-up as low as P420,000 for 3,000GPD with P30,000 worth of freebies i.e. signage, uniform, stocks etc.
    • Peripherals and Accessories Available
    • Office Support till 7:00 pm Mondays thru Fridays and up to 2:00 pm on Saturdays
    • 24-28 stage Water Purification with Reverse Osmosis Machine
    • Training support of personnel
    • Automated operation system
    • Marketing Support and Advertising Support
    • Free Store check ups
    • Free Use of Non-corrosive, Cabinet type Panaflex Photographic Signage (3 Ft by 6 Ft) and Double Face(3 x 4 Ft) Aluminum frame and powder coated worth P 21,000.00
    • Free Lifetime Membrane Cleaning Service (pay only for chemicals and transpo)
    • Free Store Design and Lay Out
    • Free Aquabest Jingle CD
    • Free Grand Opening Day support (Balloons and Sound System)
  • Can I still apply for an Aquabest Franchise even if I don’t have any location yet?

Yes you can still apply for an Aquabest Franchise even if you don’t have any location yet, Aquabest knows that the location plays a big role in every business so they will help you out in selecting a proper location for your franchise, they will conduct a feasible study on your preferred location to make sure that it can be profitable.

  • Does Aquabest allow those without any experience in running a business to acquire a Franchise?

Yes they do, Aquabest aims to help Filipinos get a suitable source of income and it extends even to the new ones in the Franchising Industry. Upon being approved as an Aquabest Franchisee you will undergo a special training program that will cover both classroom and hands-on courses. They will make sure that you understand and learn what you need to learn in terms of running and operating your own Aquabest Franchise. It will also cover Marketing training which will help you come up with business strategies for your franchise.

  • Who will be in charge of the maintenance of the water purification system?

The water purification system that Aquabest provides is User-Friendly to the point that even the least mechanically knowledged individual can operate, clean and perform maintenance duties on them without any fear. They will also provide you with 24 hour support in terms of technical repairs.

Contact details:

Address: 883-C Ground Floor Quezon Avenue Brgy. Sta Cruz Quezon City
Tel: (632) 3711282, 3710478, 4128181, 4129652 to 54, 57, 58