Food Cart Business In The Philippines

Food Cart Business In The PhilippinesA food cart business or franchise in the Philippines is a business wherein you have a cart that sells street foods to the masses. This is very popular and very lucrative since Filipinos love street foods. Not to mention the fact that the masses would most likely buy food from the streets than from the restaurants where they can just eat the food anywhere as their mirienda. Filipinos are known for this kind of food habit.

This is one of the many franchises that we will release soon on the franchise business guide. The guide will help people with zero knowledge in starting up in this business. It is really cool and helpful for people wanting to start their own business.

A lot of people started from just 1 food cart. They sold their own street foods and when they got the money. They bought another food cart and hired another person to sell. They will only get a portion of the income that will give the owner recurring money earned by the vendor. Not to mention that the original owner will have more income possibilities as he increase the number of foodcart that he release and hire more people to sell. That is why we see a lot of food cart in the Philippines. Though they sell P1 street foods. The real owner of that food cart is earning lots and lots of money summed up from all the food cart he owns. Just like in any business, its a numbers game.