How to Franchise Kenny Rogers Roasters

A famous Country Musician named Kenny Rogers has decided to start a Chicken Restaurant under his name, along with former Kentucky governor John Y. Brown, Jr. whom owned Kentucky Fried Chicken from 1964 to 1971. Their menu focused on wood-fired rotisserie chicken that you couldn’t find elsewhere. By 1995 they added turkey, ribs, and various dishes to their menu. The business became so successful that it gained over 350 restaurants that can be located in Canada, Middle East, and even in Asia and opening new doors in franchise business in Philippines.

By the time of 1994 Kenny Rogers Roasters Franchise Philippines was introduced to Malaysians by the master franchisee Roasters Asia Pacific, yet another innovation was made to their menu to include Pastas Jacket Potatoes, Country Styled Soups, Fresh Salads and wide array of hot and cold side dishes to suit the local market. Roasters Asia Pacific became the foundation of the Kenny Rogers Franchise, providing aggressive and solid business strategies, they were able to open more Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurants successfully all over Malaysia and surrounding countries such as Singapore, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Bahrain and Mongolia. Using their 15 years of experience, Roasters Asia Pacific has decided to take another big risk as to pursue worldwide rights by the mid 2000s. Showing so much enthusiasm to the said topic, they acquired acquisition by April 2008. They quickly opened 230 outlets worldwide, making them one of the largest mid-casual restaurant chain available in the market. Proving that they really are the best amongst the best, they were awarded the prestigious America’s Choice Awards Winner for the Best Chicken Chain by Restaurants and Institutions Magazine for three consecutive years from 1996 to 1998. They were also awarded as the Master Franchisee of the year 2000/2001 and 2002/2003 by the Malaysian Franchise Association.

On March 28,1995 the Kenny Rogers Roasters empire has reached the Philippines, all these was made possible by Roasters Philippines Inc. or RPI. During the first weeks of operation, Kenny Roger Roaster brought enormous delight to its early patrons. Not so long after it opened, Kenny a loyal following for its roasted chicken, baby back ribs, corn-muffins which became quite popular with the natives and a wide array of fresh side dishes. As of Today, Kenny Rogers Roasters has evolved from a Roast Chicken houst to a full restaurant serving not only Roast Chicken and Ribs but also Grilled entries like Barbeque Chicken, Pork Belly, Burger Steak and other more scrumptious dishes. It has remained true to its mission of serving deliciously healthy food at an affordable price served in a very warm and friendly atmosphere in which you can enjoy.

  • Benefits of being a part of our Family
  • Exclusive territorial development rights
  • Ability to own and operate Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurants
  • Roasters Restaurants
  • Right to sub-franchise
  • Ability to sell specified products to food service industry
  • Distribute branded packaged items to supermarkets

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Kenny Rogers Roasters?

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a very popular brand and is recognized all over the world, it is one of the leading rotisserie chicken restaurants and has reaped various awards in the said field. Being under the Kenny Rogers Roasters brand gives you a more competitive advantage over your competitors.

What advantage do I enjoy as a Kenny Rogers Roasters Franchisee?

Kenny Rogers Roasters’ proprietary recipes and wood-fire rotisserie chicken gives Kenny Rogers Roasters the brand awareness and differentiation required by restaurant operators seeking new concepts for expansion.

Does Kenny Rogers Roasters provide support to their Franchisees?

Yes, Kenny Rogers Roasters would assist you throughout the entire life-span of your business. Support features will include site selection, lease negotiations, prototypical architectural plans, training, marketing, purchasing, inventory control and other aspects that will greatly affect your business.

Upon deployment, will Kenny Rogers Roasters still be there for me?

Yes, they will provide you operational support by means of their professional operations manager assisting and monitoring your Franchises performance. This will last for up to two weeks at the opening of your restaurant, he will help you train your crew and make sure that you are comfortable with running your own Kenny Rogers Roasters Franchise. But he won’t stop there, he will monitor and provide you with tips to make sure that your business is generating maximum output and is operating to the best extend that it can.

How long does the term last?

Initial terms would last for 20 years and upon expiration, it is up to the franchisee if he still wishes to renew the contract for another 15 years.
How much is the Royalty Fee?

It varies from one site to another, the Royalty Fee would equate to 4.5% of your gross sales volumes.

How much is the Franchise Fee?

The Franchise Fee for opening your own Kenny Rogers Roasters Franchise is $30,000 for a free-standing food-court or restaurant.

How much is the total cost in order to open my own Kenny Rogers Roasters Franchise?

It varies from one site to another, depending on how large the restaurant would be and the menu to be served which is selected by the Franchisee. Although estimates would range from $255,000 to $793,000.

Can I still franchise another Kenny Rogers Restaurant even after having the first one?

Yes, Kenny Rogers Roasters will allow you to franchise branches other than the first one you had as long as you make sure that every restaurant you own meets the Kenny Rogers Roasters standards and that you have the capability to fund them.

Can Kenny Rogers Roasters be developed together with other brands?

Yes, Kenny Rogers Roasters is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nathan’s Famous Inc. Franchisees have the opportunity to co-brand with other concepts owned by our parent company. These concepts include Nathan’s Famous, Miami Subs and Arthur Treachers (which has a co-brand agreement with Nathan’s).

Is Kenny Rogers Roasters developing internationally?

Yes. We currently operate in 10 countries outside the United States. Opportunities to develop Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants in a “territory” on an exclusive basis are available. Distribution rights may be secured by the Area Developer. Thus giving you great opportunities and competitive advantage in the local market.
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