Philippine Lotto Franchise

We once had a short post about lotto outlets and due to a large volume of emails we receive regarding that, we thought to give some more information about franchising a lotto outlet. One of the best franchises in the Philippines is the Lotto Franchise. To gove some clarification, here are some of the information you need for having a Philippine Lotto Franchise.

How to Apply as an Online Philippine Lottery Agent?

1. The applicant is requested to fill-up the On-Line Lottery Application Form

The Application Form for Philippine Lotto Franchise shall include the following attachments:

  • Sketch/Location Map of the proposed lotto outlet site.
  • Picture of the building of the proposed lotto outlet site.

2. PCSO shall conduct the inspection and technical evaluation of the proposed outlet site/s.

3. The applicant shall be informed of the evaluation result. If the proposed outlet site is viable, there are still some requirements needed for the lotto franchise. Different requirements are required for individual lotto franchise applicant & for corporation.

4. PCSO shall notify the applicant on the status of the application concerning the availability of communication facilities in the proposed outlet prior to installation of facilities.

5. The applicant shall be informed when to fabricate lotto franchise booth.
6. For Terminal Installation.
7. Payment to PCSO for Processing Fee.
8. Payment to PCSO of an Installation Fee.
9. Payment of Surety Bond to the GSIS. PCSO based station at the Annex I Bldg., 2/F)
10. Request for training in the operation of terminal.

11. Proceed to Merchandising Section for outlet provisions. NCR outlets will be provided by the Main Office, Quezon City. For NCL/STBR outlets, provisions will be given at the respective PDO covering the said locality.

12. Signing of the Agency Contract with the PCSO.
13. For On-Line Activation.


  • Please ensure that Application Form is complete and that all required documents are attached. Incomplete requirements will not be processed.
  • All application are subject to evaluation prior to approval.

That’s there is to it. If you need more information about Philippine Lotto Franchise, visit their web site.