Philippine Franchise in 2009

The future of Philippine Franchise.

This past year, it has been not very good with the global economic crisis. All over the world, all countries, all people are taking a hit. Top companies closing down and down sizing a lot of their employees. This is the time that we tend to realize that the road to financial freedom is not having to work for a company. As even the biggest companies may fall during hard economic times and you can only be at the mercy of your own employer. That is why this site was made to educate people about the Philippine franchise industry.

The Philippine franchise has just been realized a few years back when the small businesses started franchising and made a boost in their profits. Back then, jollibee Philippines was just a small ice cream shop turned into a hamburger stand and now one of the biggest and most loved Philippine franchise.

To achieve financial freedom and to assure that your family will never have to worry about money anymore is through entrepreneurship. Work and job can only give you money only as much as you put effort to it. Having your own business and a Philippine franchise, not only makes you in charge of your time, your business will be there up to your 8th generation grandchild having said that your business might live that long but its not impossible. In a job, you can not earn and work when you are old. Let’s take Coca Cola for example, it has been there for like ages… And those who own part of the company can enjoy the benefits of lifetime money.

The only way to achieve financial freedom is through business. And Philippine franchise is a good way to start. There are 18k – 80k small Philippine franchises out there and the big ones that may costs millions. You can start at a small risk and of course small returns at first. Build and gain experience in the industry before you risk millions to the big ones like McDonald’s or Jollibee. In which have been said that can return your investment in as little as 3 years. In which, after that, you can enjoy lifetime income.

Let us avoid ourselves of thinking about how high the salary pays, what job you took, or what job is in demand right now or what job is better. The only thing that can help you achieve freedom and financial security is through business. May it be buying or selling, Philippine franchise or offering service. Where, your main goal is at. This way, you can help yourself, your family and our country.

Invest in Philippine Franchise

If you don’t have the money to invest in bigger Philippine franchise like Jollibee. Keep in mind that companies such as these have their public stocks open in the stock market. There are rumors that Jollibee will now be closing its doors to franchising and would recommend interested people to just buy part of the company as stocks in the stock market. This is actually a good thing because, you may earn part of the company instead of just buying its name.

There are a lot of possible ways to earn and be financially free especially in business. What’s important is always be motivated to have a better living for your family and love our country. Don’t you think its about time we start doing business here instead of working abroad? Americans are migrating here to start a business, but Filipinos are going to the states to work for a job. Think about it, which one will yield the most return of your investment… Business or Work? You decide…

Now that that has been said. We wish you a very prosperous 2009! Happy New Year to All. Mabuhay po kayo!