Waffle Time Franchise Philippines


Waffle Time is a very lucrative and affordable franchise philippines investment. You can see them anywhere, in malls, lrt stations, mrt stations and they will still be around for years to come. Why? Because Waffle Time provides Filipinos quick snack 5 minute snack to fit in their busy schedule.

It all started as a small business during 1998 in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. Their first official outlet opened in the Atrium Mall Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City. Four years after their debut, they got quickly recognized that they even started to venture through Metro Manila Market. With things working out better than they expected, they’ve decided to push through another level and have their product all over the Philippines, they’ve opened up branches in Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, and Dagupan.

By March 2004, Waffle Time achieved their goal and had branches all over the Philippines like mushrooms that quickly sprout out of nowhere. Proving that their hard work and dedication were all worth it, gaining acceptance and popularity in the Filipinos taste buds, in exchange for all these success that they’ve achieved they promise to continue to deliver delicious and nutritious yet affordable priced waffles for every Filipino who craves for them.


  • To establish a strong “Waffle Time” brand image.
  • To develop a creative & assertive human resource.
  • To continuously re-invent waffle.
  • To delight customers.
  • To achieve high level of efficiency.


To be able to serve the best Waffle in the world across all races and beyond all borders.

Package Inclusions:

  • Use of the Waffle Time Trade Name & Mark
    • Use of the Waffle Time Trade Name & Mark
    • Business Operations System
      • The franchisee will use the business operations system developed by Waffle Time, Inc. to run its outlet smoothly and profitably.
      • The business operations systems include furniture, equipments & tools, procedures, products, quality standards, food safety practices, workplace safety and handling customer complaints.
      • Initial training of franchisee’s prospective personnel and the franchisee is free of charge; additional training of the franchisee’s personnel is for the franchisee’s account.
      • Mobilization Set-up
        • Within the six cities where Waffle Time head office is located (Dagupan, Metro Manila, Iloilo City, Cebu City, Cagayan de Oro City and Davao City), as franchisor, Waffle Time, Inc. delivers cart, equipment and small wares to the franchisee’s outlet location free of charge.
        • For franchise outlets located outside the cities where Waffle Time head office, delivery of cart, equipment and small wares to the franchised outlet is on the account of the franchisee.
        • Setting up of carts follows the above condition
        • Cart and Signage
          • A well-designed and attractively made brand new cart is provided to the franchisee. This includes the familiar Waffle Time signage.
          • All our carts are thoroughly inspected for quality workmanship before shipped out
          • Equipment and Small Ware
            • The franchise comes with waffle baker, food warmer and small wares needed for preparing waffles.
            • Refrigerator used for storage of fillings shall be provided by the franchisee.
            • Ice tea dispenser is on loan and will be returned upon expiration of the franchise agreement.
            • Marketing Support
              • Marketing collaterals, which include one (1) specially designed streamers and bundles of flyers, are provided for free to the franchisee before opening.
              • These specially designed marketing collaterals bring awareness and help promote business in new areas.
              • Design consultancy and conceptualization for customized marketing stuff are for free.  However, additional and customized marketing stuff are for franchisee’s account.
              • Operational and Technical Support
                • In line with our never-ending drive to provide our customers with the highest possible quality products and services, regular and periodic outlet quality compliance audits are conducted by well-trained Waffle Time supervisors.
                • Not only the Waffle Time supervisors do quality audits, they also determine the specific needs of each outlet and address problems that may arise from day-to-day operations.
                • Waffle Time continuous research and development efforts aims to upgrade and to improve both the products and waffle business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does the contract or term last? 

Each term lasts for three full years, and upon expiration it is up to the Franchisee if he still wishes to renew the contract for another term.

  • How much is the needed money to start my own Waffle Time Franchise?

Package costs P250,000 (net of taxes)


  • Is there a Royalty Fee?

No there isn’t, instead you will be paying a Monthly Service Fee which is 5% of the outlet’s monthly gross sales.

  • Upon expiration of the contract or end of term, how much will be needed to renew it?

It would only cost P50,000 for you to renew your term/contract.

  • What other Fees are to be paid?

The Franchisee should also pay the Security Deposit which is P50,000 and is refundable upon expiration of the Franchise Agreement with no interest.

  • What is the space requirement for a Waffle Time Franchise?

The minimum area requirement is 2mx2m square meters. Because the cart has 1.8mx0.75mx2.19m (lxwxh)

  • How do I apply for a Waffle Time Franchise?
  1. Submit application to the Franchise Officer or Area Manager.
  • Franchise Application Form with 2pcs 2×2 picture
  • Sketch map of proposed outlet location
  • Letter of Intent (indicates the complete address of the target site
  1. Upon submission, there will be a one-on-one Interview with Franchise Officer or Area Manager.
  2. Applicant will then receive a feedback if the application has been approved or disapproved within one (1) week from submission of franchise application.
  3. If approved, the applicant will then be oriented and will be required to conduct a foot traffic assessment of the propose space.
  4. Franchise applicant will be given a maximum of ten (10) days to submit the site evaluation report.  The submitted site evaluation report will then be evaluated and verified.
  5. On the 10th day, the following documents will be submitted together with the Site evaluation report:
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • NBI clearance
  • Police clearance
  •  Court clearance
  • Authority to check bank account
  • Processing fee of P5,000.0
  1. Review and Signing of Agreement.
  2. Payment of 50% franchise fee.
  3. Training / Orientation on Outlet Operations of both franchisees and their prospective crews.
  4.  Full payment of franchise fee, security deposit and initial stocks.
  • P5, 000.00 processing fee is deductible from the total franchise package cost; but is non-refundable in the event that the application is not granted by the company for whatever reasons.

Contact Information:

Catherine Joy T. Palencia(Franchise Manager)
Mobile Phone # 09209622389
Telefax no. 477-5974
69 C. Raymundo Ave., Caniogan Pasig

  • Rubina Dakis

    I was surprised to learn that Waffle Time oriiginated from Iloilo becase i am an Ilonga, I am looking for a small business that i will engagé to, Once i decide to go back to the Philippines, Thank you for the email update, Franchise Philippines, I appreciated it.

  • Maria May Argana

    my husband and i are very interested in franchising waffle.

  • Kenjie Halili

    For Food Court Spaces in Ayala Makati, call us at:
    (02) 949-3620

    Send proposals and other requrements at [email protected]